About Us

African Unique, LLC is Africa’s international marketplace, a global Africa eCommerce for all things Africa where African consumer products and services are bought and sold both within Africa and outside of Africa's borders. The global eCommerce marketplace caters for a consolidated Africa market with comprehensive Africa-wide consumer goods that are readily accessible to all Africa related consumers anywhere in the world.

African Unique offers a specialized all-Africa international marketplace through its centralized global eCommerce platform that caters for the global Africa market needs. The marketplace services Africa's consumers needs within Africa as well as African diaspora’s needs and needs of all other Africa related consumers. Additionally, African Unique makes its marketplace available to Africa related merchants such as businesses and organizations within and outside Africa's borders that are seeking to reach or service Africa related consumers anywhere in the world.

The marketplace curated its products for promoting both individual and societal well-being, it does so through its core products and services that include but not limited to food, fashion, beauty, wellness, arts, lifestyle goods, and general consumer goods.

 African Unique is the place for authentic African foodstuffs and signature cuisines from across the continent, from jellof rice, kenkey, acheke, to spices, ugali, porridge, and more; and African fashion like Ankara wears, dashiki, African prints, as well as authentic African natural hair care and skincare products to name a few.

 African Unique marketplace is available via multi-platforms that include physical store presence at African Unique store locations, online presence at African Unique ecommerce site, and digital presence from its home shopping channel, African Unique TV Store on ANTV.

African Unique is a for profit company, and donates 50% of its company-wide profits annually to PingMe Health, a global digital health system.