Our Mission

At African Unique, we are on a mission. Our objectives are as follows:

  • To provide international marketplace for buying and selling African products and services.
  • To provide consolidated Africa market where merchants and entrepreneurs can reach Africa related consumers globally.
  • To provide a global centralized Africa-centric eCommerce platform for catering to the needs of global Africa market.
  • To provide a widened global market horizons for African goods and other Africa related products and services.
  • To be a reliable one stop place for consumers of African goods and services from around the world
  • To offer a central place from where African consumers can access global market opportunities
  • To provide sustainable economic supply and demand chain to cater for the needs of global Africa around the world
  • To offer a reliable channel through which international organizations and entrepreneurs can directly supply African consumers with much needed products and services.
  • To provide economic playing field for Africa and its entrepreneurs to partake in global economic future